Dos Urban Cantina

Chef Jennifer Jones is one of my top all-time most loved former chefs: for her desserts, to be sure, don't even get me started, and somehow even more for her positive attitude and calm, focused energy. We are talking about some of the best desserts on planet Earth... I am just underlining how amazing Chef… Continue reading Dos Urban Cantina

The March of the Strandbeests

Thanks to a large glass house (and Dutch technology) just outside Chicago, our restaurant was able to serve ripe locally grown tomatoes all winter. Chef Wil invited the managers and sous chefs to visit the facility, built and run by the company MightyVine. It must have been a tough weekend, because the only taker was… Continue reading The March of the Strandbeests

La Cumbia de Rambo

Thank you Chef Rick and Deann (and Glenn) for the best manager dinner ever! Last night at the Moon Palace, my fortune cookie read, "The joyfulness of a man prolonged his ways." Here is a link to the cumbia covers playlist I made for the party: When I started taking the food photos, I… Continue reading La Cumbia de Rambo