Jalapeño Heaven / Homage, He Wrote — November 2, 2022

"In, 'Murder She Wrote,' Angela Lansbury portrays Jessica Fletcher, a murder mystery writer who can't seem to turn around without stumbling into yet another grisly crime scene. In the show, Jessica Fletcher, the fictional murder mystery writer from Cabot Cove, Maine, has a fictional cousin from England, named Emma Macgill. The role of Emma Macgill is also played by Angela Lansbury. Angela Lansbury portrays BOTH Jessica Fletcher AND Emma Macgill."

Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — September 12, 2022

"Las Tortas MX brings an authentic Mexican flavor to the Parkville Market. We produce a consistent delicious taste tracing back to our Mexican roots. Las Tortas MX believes in sustainable eco-friendly products and supports Hartford’s community by sourcing goods locally."

Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — March 21, 2022

Further ruminations re: remittances / streamlining the closing manager's procedure for handling cash tips: Along with closed checks, cash-out report, and remittance*, the closing manager receives from each server, rounded to the nearest dollar, 25 percent of cash tips*: 11 percent towards support, 10 percent towards the bar, 4 percent towards the front desk. From… Continue reading Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — March 21, 2022