Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — September 12, 2022

"Las Tortas MX brings an authentic Mexican flavor to the Parkville Market. We produce a consistent delicious taste tracing back to our Mexican roots. Las Tortas MX believes in sustainable eco-friendly products and supports Hartford’s community by sourcing goods locally."

Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — May 1, 2022

Here is the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1886. The small yellow square at 1050 Chapel Street is the Roger Sherman family home (built in 1770, in part by Roger Sherman), next door is the Warner Mansion (built in 1860; architect Henry Austin), later home to the Republican League, and behind the mansion is Carll's… Continue reading Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — May 1, 2022

The Day After Snow Squall — February 20, 2022

ULC Logbook, Saturday, February 19th, 2022: When I printed the cover spread for the Chef just before 3PM, we had 183 guests reserved. A severe weather alert for an incoming snow squall was broadcast to all local phones by the National Weather Service at approx. 3:30PM. The squall WAS an intense weather event but it… Continue reading The Day After Snow Squall — February 20, 2022