Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — May 1, 2022

Here is the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1886. The small yellow square at 1050 Chapel Street is the Roger Sherman family home (built in 1770, in part by Roger Sherman), next door is the Warner Mansion (built in 1860; architect Henry Austin), later home to the Republican League, and behind the mansion is Carll’s Opera House (built in 1880, in part by Peter Carll).

In January 2022, Jason Bischoff-Wurstle, director of the photo archives at the New Haven Museum, published an incredible, “Micro-History,” post about the Hyperion theater, including a rare glimpse of the 1860 Gaius F. Warner mansion. In the 1870’s, the mansion was acquired by former U. S. marshal, Peter R. Carll, who constructed his opera house behind, that opened in late 1880. The Gaius F. Warner mansion featured a double bow front by architect Henry Austin:

Here is the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of New Haven from 1901, after Roger Sherman’s family home (1050 Chapel Street) had been, “transformed into stores.” God and Yale only know what remnants of the structure may survive today, either at the site itself, (which is now home to Enson’s menswear,) or in the Yale archives.

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