Yet Another Failed Attempt at Conveying to my French Colleagues the Concept of, “Bail Bonds” — May 3 – 4, 2022

ULC Logbook, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022:

We started with 70 covers. There was a party of 4 who cancelled (R. is aware), the BA bailbonds-persons Ms. D. and Mr. M. also had to reschedule, and a couple of our large parties were reduced by one or two covers. We had a walk-in party of 2 right when we opened at 5PM, and made up the rest of the ground with same-day reservations. We finished with 70 guests.

We had two orders for takeout, both by phone: BA Berri N. for today (double steak tartare); and BA Madame A., who will be celebrating her birthday Wednesday, for pick-up at 6:15PM tomorrow.

For BA’s, we were joined by: Dr. Priscilla D. (who left her eyeglasses at the table which are now in the lost credit card lockbox in the front desk filing cabinet and I have left a voicemail and an email for Dr. D. — party of 2, tbl. 4); Victoria C. (party of 2, tbl. 37); Sarah C., who previously had her daughter’s birthday in the Ballroom (party of 3, tbl. 9); Terry H. (party of 13, tbl. 18+, RALC); Biohaven (party of 6, tbl. 31+); John G., still speaking with Arthur somewhere somehow (party of 3, tbl. 3); Mark W., celebrated 94th birthday (party of 7, tbl. 30).

In the Ballroom, we were joined by 50 guests (not included in total covers) from Yale’s East Asian Studies Council.

The O.’s (party of 4, tbl. 13, served by D., were celebrating C. wife M.’s birthday. She had grown up in New Haven and told me a great story about coming downtown for ice cream as a kid. The O.’s took photos by the fireplace, and reported having a memorable birthday dinner (first time back with us since before the pandemic!). Bravo D., Chef and team!

We have contacted to confirm all reservations for Mother’s Day, May 8th and Saturday, May 14th.

Rain Wednesday, high of 60F, very low probability of G. or A.

Sunny, with 100 percent chance of G. golfing on Thursday.

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