Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — September 12, 2022

To the journalists covering Trump: please remember that whenever he feels like the walls are closing in, Trump floods the zone with BS. Please stay focused on the threat to national security. For example: “Donald J. Trump, the former president currently under investigation by the FBI and Justice Dept. for possible crimes of espionage against the United States of America…”

Following a search warrant predicated on probable cause of espionage, the judge’s decision disrupting the investigation with a special master, which even former attorney general Barr called, “deeply flawed,” may be less about the system of equal justice under the law crumbling from subterfuge, and more about the system of corrupt influence against the law benefitting from espionage.

Putin fears Obama because he represents the diversity that is democracy’s greatest strength; the United States, unified by a Black president. Putin prefers Russian agent Trump because he represents the divisions that are America’s greatest weakness; a one-man wrecking ball against our norms, institutions and alliances.

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