Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — March 21, 2022

Further ruminations re: remittances / streamlining the closing manager’s procedure for handling cash tips:

Along with closed checks, cash-out report, and remittance*, the closing manager receives from each server, rounded to the nearest dollar, 25 percent of cash tips*:

11 percent towards support,

10 percent towards the bar,

4 percent towards the front desk.

From the pooled cash tips of all servers*, by position on the roster, the closing manager distributes the following percentages into each of the staff’s individual envelopes which are found underneath the drawer:

44 percent for support:

  • with 7 bussers, 6.286 percent each,
  • with 6 bussers, 7.333 percent each,
  • with 5 bussers, 8.8 percent each,
  • with 4 bussers, 11 percent each,
  • with 3 bussers, 14.667 percent each,
  • with 2 bussers, 22 percent each.

40 percent for the bar:

  • with 3 bartenders, 13.333 percent each,
  • with 2 bartenders, 20 percent each.

16 percent for the front desk:

  • with 3 hosts, 5.333 percent each,
  • with 2 hosts, 8 percent each.

*Only if/when cash is used.

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