Early Farming Methods — Marengo, Illinois, 1835-1935

"[When the town of Marengo, Illinois, was founded in 1835] farming, the main occupation, was performed at a disadvantage in pioneer days on account of the crude implements in use. Hoes, spades, shovels, etc., were generally such as a blacksmith — and not always a skillful one — could fashion. Plows were far inferior to the smooth cast-steel, light-running instruments of today."

The March of the Strandbeests

Thanks to a large glass house (and Dutch technology) just outside Chicago, our restaurant was able to serve ripe locally grown tomatoes all winter. Chef Wil invited the managers and sous chefs to visit the facility, built and run by the company MightyVine. It must have been a tough weekend, because the only taker was… Continue reading The March of the Strandbeests