A Rare Beneficiary of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Pet Photography ⁠— Spring / Summer, 2020

On the stressful side of things, the pandemic has lead me to re-equip and wield again in bacterial battle my unexpired manager-level Food Service Sanitation Certificate, to keep the household safe. On the plus side, staying at home has meant much more together time with our two pets ⁠— Roly Poly the domestic long-haired cat and Roxie the small cocker spaniel. The pandemic has also introduced to our household a new question when the cat goes missing: did you look on top of the car?

Family New Havening

Family New Havening Family time at the around the haunts of New Haven such as the Chetstone gothic Victorian mansion, Georgie's Diner, Sandy Point Bird Sanctuary, Pepe's Pizza, East Rock, Lenny and Joe's, Fairhaven Heights (Dragon), Lighthouse Point, Ragged Mountain in Meridan, and more fun along the CT shoreline. October 2018. Big thanks and love… Continue reading Family New Havening