Erie st noble square spring 2014 3rdarm

Etta and I returned to Das Radler for dinner. It was a mellow Monday night. Our server Jeff looked a little like Thom Yorke and did a terrific job with service from recommendations to pacing the meal.

das radler pretzel barley butter 3rdarm

The first thing I noticed about the beers was both craft beer-making twins from the recent NYT Magazine article (bottom line: they kind of hate each other) made the list: Mikkeller and Evil Twin. I thought that was neat.

I don’t drink however and Etta always wants something stronger than the 2.7% ABV Evil Twin Bikini beer or even the 8% Mikkeller It’s Alive. She got a cocktail and I got a ginger beer.

wild boar sausage das radler 3rdarm

Inspired by the pretzel wars on Instagram, in particular the gentle manatee pretzel, we started with a pretzel. I loved it with the barley butter. I ate all of the butter.

For sausage we went with our server’s excellent recommendation for the wild boar. Grill marked and snappy on the outside, steaming hot pink wild boar on the inside. I loved it in creamy mustard sauce with caramelized onion and fennel, the richness cut with pickled grapes.

das radler beer battered perch 3rdarm

What I really love is the chef choosing the garnishes, sides and sauces for the sausage. I really liked Wurstkuche in LA but I dropped the ball on the condiments (my fault). Please don’t let me pick what’s on my sausage (never ketchup).

blueberry streusel financier das radler Chicago 3rdarm

Next we shared the beer battered fried perch. I have eaten a lot of perch in my day: I’m like a Great Lakes leopard seal. This was the best. Golden, crispy battered white fish perfectly seasoned and briny mussels with the first green onion and fava beans of spring.

3rdarm Etta Kostick jewelry Logan square Chicago

I had to run play some Quake 2 Capture the Flag games: we started the Spring Cup. Jeff expedited out Schnapse for the lady, a double espresso and hazelnut streusel financier for dessert and a brisket reuben to-go. We were on our way home (stopping first at 24 hour CVS for cat food).

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