House of Huron

reunion house of huron andrea varias 3rdarm

Our good friends Andrea and Julie who moved in around the corner had their housewarming party last night. I rode over on my bike straight from work. Jeff and I broed out. We were dressed identically in black sneakers, jeans and grey button up short sleeved collared shirts, except that I was covered in sweat. This summer Jeff and Lucia will celebrate their 10th anniversary in Jeff’s home state of Washington. I want to go back to see the Badlands.

etta and chris house of huron andrea julie 3rdarm crazy clown time

Chris and Marty came from Oak Park and brought an electric skateboard in the trunk of their car. Marty surfed the neighborhood streets at close to the maximum speed of 16MPH. I have health insurance, so I rode from Huron down Armour almost to Erie and back, at a slow creep. I had to pick up the skateboard and turn it around. I was afraid to lean into the curves. Marty asked how it went and I said awesome, while I silently suffered a cramp in my braking foot.

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