Fast Casual Nation

arthur mullen xoco manager chicago connecticut 3rdarm fast casual nation

I got dry cleaning done, a haircut, my Western wear shirt from Alcala with two roosters, and I filmed an episode of Fast Casual Nation with Paul Barron, author of the Chiptotle Effect. I talk (and talk) about the seven dimensions of the Xoco experience as told by the art of Bill Blair. Here is my big moment:

paul barron chipotle effect fast casual nation 3rdarm chicago xoco rick bayless arthur mullen

I gave the crew some videos of the rooftop garden on an external hard drive that also housed photos of the new restaurant space, before construction. Brandy, former manager of Frontera Grill, makes an appearance tending to the tomato plants. Future oddities: when the subject is the build out of the original restaurant, they are actually showing the gutted interior of Xoco Wicker Park. At the very end, in the B roll, I say “we went to Mexico City”… but I hope to visit DF for the first time this summer.

1 thought on “Fast Casual Nation”

  1. It’s a good thing I stopped for lunch on the way back from court in Htfd. or I would be catching the 1st flight to Chicago to come by Xoco. You’re looking good.

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