Kennedy Expressway Ferris Wheel

arthur mullen noble square chicago 3rdarm

The past few years, I have seen the posters for the carnival at the Polish church: St. Stanislaus Kostka. I have even seen the rides from my car, driving by on the Kennedy Expressway. This weekend, Etta and I had wanted to drive to Torch Lake in Michigan but the weather turned chilly, so we went to the 24 Hour CVS instead. After a day of errands, Etta and I walked over to the carnival.

carnival ferris wheel kennedy expressway 3rdarm

I am afraid of ferris wheels. In the past, that means I didn’t ride ferris wheels. As I have grown increasingly psychotic, I mean older, I want to ride every chance I get. The ferris wheel at the St. Stanislaus Kostka carnival is right next to the Kennedy Expressway: 10 lanes of cars and trucks rip past, on their way in and out of the city. As the ferris wheel turns, the riders pass within 2 feet of the apartment building that houses the nuns.

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