Morning Star Cafe

etta kostick michigan beach baby 3rdarm

We drove to the Morning Star Cafe from our AirBnB, which turned out to be a mistake. It was about 500 feet away. The restaurant is well shaded from Michigan’s summer sun, and the interior charms with collaged fiestaware making a mosaic on the front desk, the kitchen expo, and in the dining room. Motown was playing.

key lime pie morning star cafe grand haven 3rdarm

I was served a ridiculously tasty smoothie with Michigan’s own strawberries and raspberries. I destroyed it as if it were a milkshake and I was Chef Roy Choi coming off 3 months of milkshake abstinence. There was no photographing this massacre.

funky farm grand haven 3rdarm arthur mullen

Etta got a latin-style special with chorizo and eggs and enjoyed it. I got the most plain-jane egg dish and they nailed that too. The bacon was high quality, the bread was obviously individually crafted, the eggs were cooked perfect. The service was a breath of fresh air: on point, professional, in rhythm. This place is doing everything right.

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