West Rock Ridge State Park, New Haven, CT — September 26, 2022

"During the revolutionary War, and for several years after, up to the commencement of the present century, large quantities of powder were manufactured in New Haven, at Westville. There were two mills engaged in the business — one in the upper, and the other in the lower part of the village. The business was carried on by Isaac Doolittle, Jeremiah Atwater, and Elijah Thompson... The city of New Haven relied on the will of Elijah Thompson, who died in 1836, for the title to West Rock: Elijah Thompson devised that, upon the death of his heirs, the land should be used for park purposes."

Judges Cave, West Rock, New Haven, CT — September 26, 2022

"Here, May 15, 1661 and for some time afterward, Edward Whalley and his son-in-law, William Goffe, members of parliament and general officers in the army of Cromwell, and signers of the death warrant of King Charles I., found shelter and concealment from the officers of the crown after the restoration. Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God."

Bluff Point State Park & Coastal Reserve — May 27, 2021

"Bluff Point was designated a 'Coastal Reserve' by a special act of the Connecticut legislature in 1975 to establish the area 'for the purpose of preserving its native ecological associations, unique faunal and floral characteristics, geological features and scenic qualities in a condition of undisturbed integrity'."