Last Days of July

chicago west town july sunset 3rdarm arthur mullen

Don’t get me wrong: I love the restaurant business. I feel better when I have been working many days in a row. A few years ago, I worked all of July. July that year passed while I rode a bike from my basement apartment in Harvard Square to the basement changing area at work, and in the shaded dining room of the East Coast Grill. And yet I still remember, years later, the sun and the heat of that July.

chicago west town july sunset 3rdarm

This July felt a little wacky. There have been no heat waves this summer. Every time I walk outside the front door of my apartment, I am brought back to the first days of January, when the temperature was negative double digits. We are haunted by the arctic air. I see it reflected in the year-to-date sales numbers, and feel it on my bike rides to and from work: the polar vortex continues to stalk the Midwest.

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