Wisconsin State Fair

wisconsin state fair 3rdarm arthur mullen milwaukee chicago cream puffs

It was after 1AM, Etta and I were in bed. I was reading on my phone, and in one of the feeds coming to me from the internet, I saw it. It was a savory waffle cone stuffed with fried chicken. I saw that it was available at the Wisconsin State Fair.

wisconsin state fair chair lifts ride 3rdarm spin city 2014 chicago

The next day Etta and I drove the 2.5 hours from Chicago to the fair, just outside Milwaukee. I was most interested in the Wisconsin products building and the food there-in. Sometime during that rainy August Monday I had a realization that I don’t really deal with “the public”: the folks who come to Xoco are a very specific sliver of the general public, who want to pay more than $10 for a sandwich crafted by a nationally known chef. The folks who want to pay $5 for a pizza dough cone stuffed with cheese and pepperoni are a more diverse bunch.

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