Puff Love

wisconsin state fair cookie dough chocolate covered 3rdarm chicago

Here is everything we ate:

Wisconsin-grown corn on the cob. I wanted a photo of the corncob getting dipped into a barrel of butter but I was too slow with my camera. I asked the thirteen (?) year-old girl to please dip the cob in the butter again. An awkward standoff ensued.

Wisconsin cheddar and provolone cheese sandwiches, dipped in butter and griddled.

Etta got a margarita from the concession stand that contained no tequila, and then switched to Hinterland Cherry Wheat, featuring Door County cherry.

etta kostick chickens wisconsin state fair 3rdarm

I was not loving the burger made with Wisconsin beef (cooked through) so turned that over to Etta. I got Door County cherry pie, vanilla ice cream, and tart cherry juice instead.

After feeling super nauseous just from looking at the rides in Spin City, I had a panic attack on the chair lift ride that takes you over the entire park, both from the height, and from the ride operators instructions to kick my legs up and tilt my neck back. I don’t like to be in situations that require strangers telling me what to do with my neck. I know what to do, it’s a pretty general rule that I learned from the Wu-Tang Clan: protect ya neck.

arthur mullen wisconsin state fair cream puffs triple treat

To settle the stomach, I ordered the Triple Treat of cream puffs. These were the best things I ate. The pastry was pretty good, but the cream was ridiculous. It must have been more than 50% pure fat. I blacked out while eating this and Etta says I was in the middle of passersby, my mouth and face covered in white cream.

Wisconsin brat, for protein, and mustard.

Cookie dough on a stick. I actually loved the cookie dough on a stick. I was afraid, because of how awful the cookie dough candy you get at movie theaters is, but it was way closer to the dangerous raw egg cookie dough, and covered in a delightful chocolate shell.

1 thought on “Puff Love”

  1. The boy with the dog next to you in the picture at the fair looks like your cousin Nick( he does not wear a hat like that) His son Jack who just turned 3 looks like the boy, too!

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