Steely Dan’s Drummers

don shaggy shane fischler drummer steely dan columbia college professor 3rdarm

Shane, one of the servers at Xoco, is a pretty amazing guy. In addition to his restaurant work, he is a college professor, teaching music theory at Columbia College. At the end of Saturday night, he emerged in this teeshirt. And that’s how I found out he was the drummer for Steely Dan on their 2011 tour.

arthur mullen 3rdarm roly poly cat maine coon quake 2 q2ctf acmectf bind cat use railgun

I think Etta’s favorite part of the state fair was the chickens. She loves the silky, shaggy chickens. They remind her of the sweet pet chickens she had as a child. I liked the alpacas, with poodle cuts. They remind me of the llama farm and potbelly pig that Mrs. Corcoran, my elementary school gym teacher, owned. As a less than 10-year-old kid, Mrs. Corcoran confided in me that a UFO once landed at the llama farm.

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