Open the Door Homer

Roly poly cat 3rdarm Arthur Mullen

The past five days have been a blur. Etta has taken real good care of me, not easy, I am the ultimate baby when sick. She got me got tea, citrus, warm meals, medicine and tissues. She even got me a bag of candy and picked up my dry-cleaning.

Poison berries chicago Election Day 3rdarm

I called out sick from work for the first time. I really wish it was a day to play hooky, instead of hurting. Etta and I walked together to the library to vote in the midterm election. I don’t call out sick from democracy.

Chicago ward 35 polling place west town chicago ave 3rdarm

The best part of the sick day, other than Etta and Roly Poly, is the new Bob Dylan basement tapes raw bootleg.

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