Driftless Sunset


I was anxious to capture a SW Wisconsin sunset, having missed the sunset on the summer solstice. Leaving Marcia and Etta behind at the Saltbox, I journeyed out into the rolling hills behind the wheel of the Saturn, my camera in the passenger seat.


I discovered a vista behind Mineral Point High School. Before me was the throughway and three sheep fed in the long grass, and I just captured the orb as she slipped behind the highest slope. Dejected, believing that I’d missed the shot, I got lost on the drive back to town.


Way out on unknown roads beside human-tended fields, I took a break from Ship of Songs, Marcia Mello’s latest, to listen to Chelsea Girl, the long ago debut album by Nico. The sun, having finally hit the distant unseen horizon, set the Wisconsin sky afire in purple.


Nico was singing, “Now that I smile, now that I’m laughing even deeper inside, now that I see, now that I finally found the one thing I denied. It’s now I know do I stay or do I go and it is finally I decide. That I’ll be leaving in the fairest of the seasons.”


The dusk disappeared and with no GPS at my location, I found the way back home using only my headlights.

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