Free Bird

 avocado xoco 3rdarm Adrian black Arthur mullen churros chef chicago free bird 
The churro is a question mark. I am leaving for Merida in the Yucatan in a few hours. I will keep in touch over the next few days with an email saying “I am ok.” We are going to eat a wild boar cooked in the ground and see chocolate growing on trees and the Mayan ruins.

 3rdarm Arthur mullen Adrian black chef xoco chicago free bird grateful dead  
Two birds flew inside the restaurant. In six and a half years it was the first time it happened. The small brown sparrows (maybe) were in the front window by the churro fryer. I was certain of their soon to be sudden death. Chef Adrian managed to catch and release the bird to freedom.

1 thought on “Free Bird”

  1. It’s 7/15 where are the stories & pictures of Mexico? Maybe you’re still there working on the recipes. Can you make a churo?

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