“Rabanadas” Majestic Style

rabanadas majestic style porto portugal 3rdarm french toast cafe con leche art nouveau

The Majestic Café, designed by architect João Queiróz in the nineteen twenties, is still today one of the most beautiful and meaningful examples of Art Nouveau in Porto. I may have missed a few of those striking details because I was distracted by my friend’s Audrey Hepburn-style beauty. The servers were gracious even though we arrived right before they closed. Majestic’s classic French toast was perfectly light and at the same time impossibly rich. It made for an unexpectedly epic and decadent midnight snack.

I thought their cafe con leche was on point. On the restaurant’s website, Gloria Montenegro, President of the Paris Academy of Coffeeology, is quoted saying, “The Majestic Café is a wonderful place, where muses, thinkers and artists can get together to live the best moments life has to offer: simply sharing communication through words and gestures, glances, smiles and even a few tears sometimes.” I don’t see why not. My friend and I shared “Rabanadas” Majestic Style, and it was pretty amazing.

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