Perfect Service

cruz blanca arthur special chicago

Lena Brava – Tuesday, August 30  

Mood Scale / Sounding Board for the Staff / “The Natives are Getting Restless”:  Service was impacted by being short 1 SA and 1 barback:  servers and bartender in LB2 shared concerns that they were not able to offer their guests the full LB experience (not able to spend as much time up-selling, and describing, and making sure all the details of service are attended to) due to physical demands put on them when we go short.  Lanie, Todd, and I took turns helping out, but that takes us away from managerial duties on the floor, leaving the non-impacted staff feeling like they do not have enough managerial support.  There are also concerns about tipping out on floor 2 when there is only 1 SA: the server ends up tipping out the same percentage to one SA that they would tip out to 2 SA’s, yet ends up working harder with less support. I recommend we address these concerns with the staff by acknowledging again that we are working on this, update them on where we stand on hiring, and reaching out to the FOH staff for ideas how to make operations run more smoothly until we are fully staffed, and how to make the tipout more flexible for situations like tonight.

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