Avocado Pit says, “I Want You To Be Everything That’s You, Deep At The Center Of Your Being.”


Tuesday was very productive both in resetting the staff energy from our wild spring weekend at 900 and bringing in many new guests interested in the full LB experience. Strong sales and smoothly paced night.

True Champion:  The other side had a huge to-go catering order and big second floor party happening at the same time as our peak dinner rush. During that time, Chef Stephen rotated over to the other side and Erik, calm, organized, in command, expedited in true champion style.


Shoutout:  Chef Kelly and Britney did an amazing job making the printing of menus at 900 standardized and damn near foolproof. Big thank you and shoutout well done guys.

Mood Scale:  Creative Non Comp in effect for Shelly tonight – our host Alonzo wore a vintage Versace classic shirt and that gesture immediately put a smile on Shelly’s face.

Tom Skilling says… nation’s mid-section in for a real soaking the next 5 days from 2 wet spring storms – heads up.

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