900 Rainbows


Where there are peaks, there will be valleys. After the big week capped with our anniversary ad record sales, a more mellow paced Sunday was welcome. There was still some excitement, with the kitchen printer crashing during our brunch rush. Big thank you to LLL and MM for their recovery of workable systems until we get the printer serviced: we had a smooth dinner.


MATT’s WAR JOURNAL:  Our kitchen printer closest to the cashier went down in the middle of our rush this afternoon. We tried resetting it both manually and through Revention, changing paper, turning off and on, double checking all cords, etc but could not get it back up and running. Since some of the items print only to that printer (ex Chips and Guac, salad, chorizo hash, etc…) and not the grill printer, we lost items. I got on the phone with Revention and Leslie did an AMAZING job handling the guests.  


SG’s:  Several groups joined us after their dinner on the other side, including a family of 4. Three of the 4 had a nightcap of mezcal margarita or old fashioned, but the patriarch wanted an Italian digestif. We served a vintage vespa and they loved it. 


True Champions:  Frankie, both Danny’s, Leonard, Dave, Omar, Bobby, everybody in the whole damn kitchen, everybody who went the distance this past marathon week.

Tom Skilling says… sunny and cool.

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