James Beard Foundation Awards


Saturday with many successes such selling through all the bass with the wild success of the Baja experience menu. There were also the warning signs of exhaustion, such as forgetfulness and misrings, understandable with the week bookended by JBF Awards after party and Drinco de Mayo. Solid outing by the team even fighting through fatigue.


True Champion: SS, thank you for all the work, passion, time and energy you put in the 900 restaurants hardest year (knock on wood), thank you for all you did to set us up for success.


Mood Scale:  I had another opportunity to present a bottle of Paolini to table 37, and talk to them about visiting the winery and what the story of the land (where the mountain spring brings natural irrigation in the valle) and of the people (Paolo Paolini and his background,) as well as show them some of our trip photos, hopefully giving them a fantastic first intro to Baja Mexican wine.


Tom Skilling says… Chicago under a prolonged period of cool easterly flow.

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