San Quintin Menu Change


Today was one beautiful June day and an exciting and well executed menu change. While brewery side had their hands full with special events, our restaurant was fully sat with high energy carrying over from the menu change which translated to resonant vibes in the dining rooms.


Shoutout:  Salmon Veracruz and Paella San Qintin were neck and neck in sales throughout their first dinner service. Shoutout to Paella (15 sold) which edged out Salmon Veracruz (14 sold) by 1 unit!


True Champion: The BOH is the true champion for crushing a new menu, with tons of expert techniques and big bold flavors. The staff loved the food, the guests tonight were loving the food and that all starts with the dedication, passion and creativity of the true champion squad.

Tom Skilling says… mostly sunny June Thursday coming in hot.

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