With Grace

Full and robust Friday without the wave every cresting overhead: restaurant was firing on all cylinders, as it must to make 250+ covers feel in control and smooth. Great job by BOH and FOH.


Shoutout:  In service tonight we demoed the steps of service to make a decaf Americano (and all decaf expresso drinks) for Maria our newest SA in training. In the explanation I got the sense that Maria had confidence already in this department, and when asked Maria let me know she has worked previously as a barista and is capable of making a heart with foamed milk. Shoutout to Maria coming in with barista (and latte art) experience.


True Champion: Brigitte handled as many covers as the LB1 closer Oscar, and brought all her tables through the full Lena experience (if they opt for it) with precision, wit and the all too rare, even old school, true champion quality that Brigitte amazingly manages to bring to her service every single day we’ve worked together… with grace.


Tom Skilling says… Chicago’s 2nd official 90 degree day (and possibly 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc) likely as early summer hot spell gets underway.​

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