Thomas Ethelbert Skilling III


Temps in the mid to high nineties and the graduation season at schools and colleges meant for a hot and action packed Sunday with many large parties, mostly families celebrating an achievement. The heat wave again brought us a few cancellations, and we were ready cutting 1 bar and 1 server on the second floor, which ensured staff energy was high on both floors.


Shoutout:  Shoutout to LLL for recommending the closure of the door into the second floor entryway from the main stairs: this blocked the warm air’s journey from the first floor brewery zone (wide open windows zone, hot humid air, active wild yeast fermentation) to the fine dining restaurant second floor (closed window AC zone, fresh just living fish served on crushed ice) and made a big difference in cooling on a hot day. Definitely would recommend putting this tip in the back pocket for future heat waves.


True Champion: Luis on the dish team was scheduled for a mid shift today. When we all looked at the schedule and realized there was only 1 dish closer, Luis immediately changed his plans to help us close out tonight.  This is not the first time Luis has stepped up, and knowing him, will not be the last. Luis and Yo-Yo are our true champions for going beyond the hard work to show us how much they care for each other, the squad, and 900.


Wink wrote in his report, “Coconut El Train and White Tea Guava Palm Shade were big hits today and should be huge crowdpleasers over the weekend when Brant Miller, Chicago’s most reputable meteorologist, predicts the weather will be hot to quite hot.

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