Mohegan Sun

As a gamer (nerdy 90’s PC gamer, not a “gamblin’ man”) i love the Mohegan Sun. My girlfriend describes it as upscale retail, restaurants and entertainment all contained in a cohesive, artistic experience. I see it as the progression of the “GameWorks arcade” to the next phase of evolution: the indoor world, where one is able to find whatever path, playing, eating, dancing, shopping, to fulfill a unique experience. Bravo to the management and staff for making Mohegan Sun a well-balanced fun experience, yes for gamblers, but way more crucially, EVERYBODY ELSE.  Mohegan Sun has become a true CT experience.

Tom’s Urban

The three of us started our Mohegan Sun day trip with appetizers at Tom’s Urban. This was a good move! The atmosphere was lively and the staff, from host to server, were on point with warm hospitality. Fried pickles were wisely sliced thin, making each bite the perfect balance of crunchy coating and pickly brine (don’t forget the housemade ranch!) Nashville hot wings were big on flavor rather than mouth burn. For us, the star of the show was the prime rib sliders, cheesy, meaty goodness and umami was perfectly portioned for satisfaction.

Bobby’s Burger Palace

I was blown away by the high quality execution on hand at Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP). The order taker was concise and communicated pinpoint precision re: the burger temps (my girlfriend was happy with her burger cooked perfectly as described.)  The staff set us up with napkins, silverware, our drinks and even checked in in us multiple times. Bravo to the professionalism and teamwork BBP team!  My veggie burger was packed with vegetable flavor (black beans, mushrooms, lentils) and craveably delicious. The Coke machine was amazing for me (crisp Diet, moving on to a sophisticated grape Sprite). My friend and GF loved their frozen cactus pear margarita and boozy ice cream shake, respectively. They loved their burgers too much to share! Always a good sign, as were the obviously hand cut fries. The amazing cheese fries and well-seasoned onion rings will be haunting my fast food craving dreams.

Chris’ Place in Lebanon, CT

With the amazing cats Pinky and Moose.

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