Historic Downtown Grapevine, Tex.


To be filed under, “You know you are getting old when…” I know that I have gotten old when, on a trip to Texas for 3 days of hardcore gaming at QuakeCon, I am almost sidetracked by the history of the town hosting the event. Well, that was the case with Grapevine.  Good thing I can’t drink wine or I may have never been seen or heard from again!

The beautifully preserved Texas architecture of the town’s buildings and homes is well worth a walking tour of the downtown streets. I would be tempted to go on a guided tour, but even by myself on this last trip I was completely fascinated by the sights along with publicly available information regarding the history of the town.

I was a little surprised but in a good way: Grapevine, Texas has a captivating history!

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