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Historic Downtown Grapevine, Tex.


To be filed under, “You know you are getting old when…” I know that I have gotten old when, on a trip to Texas for 3 days of hardcore gaming at QuakeCon, I am almost sidetracked by the history of the town hosting the event. Well, that was the case with Grapevine. ¬†Good thing I can’t drink wine or I may have never been seen or heard from again!

The beautifully preserved Texas architecture of the town’s buildings and homes is well worth a walking tour of the downtown streets. I would be tempted to go on a guided tour, but even by myself on this last trip I was completely fascinated by the sights along with publicly available information regarding the history of the town.

I was a little surprised but in a good way: Grapevine, Texas has a captivating history!

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Old Duncan Hotel, New Haven, Conn.




This review is for how The Graduate has restored the Hotel Duncan. My path to work has me pass the hotel almost every day, and I have watched the progress. Bravo to the team for meticulously restoring the beauty and grandeur of the old Hotel Duncan, and with a sense of urgency. It’s amazing (to somebody such as myself from Chicago) how the project has progressed, and I am excited to have the full experience in the updated historic hotel soon. Thank you and bravo The Graduate!


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