INSA Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

My thoughts on and review for the Insa dispensary are best summed up in the following excerpt from an email that I had written to a friend recently recovering from a major health operation:

“I am happy and thankful to hear about the progress made so far. Now I would please ask to speak frankly about the weed, because I think it may be a key ally in this situation. I would recommend the recreational dispensary in Massachusetts that I have most enjoyed, Insa in Easthampton, Mass.

I heard you are now able to eat soft foods only, and that for dinner recently you had mashed potatoes, one of my favorite foods. Another of my favorites are the delicious (and soft / go down too easily!) chili dogs at Nick’s Nest, a Jane and Michael Stern ‘Road Food’ classic, an easy stop on the drive up to the dispensary in Northhampton.

While you are recovering from this major operation, I would recommend you focus only on the edibles. Insa’s selection includes: plain chocolate bars, fancy chocolate bars, fruit chews (my recommendation for you) and ingestible capsules. I heard you are a little worried that the weed now is so much stronger than what you had been used to. This concern is right on and valid. You will have to please be careful and err on the side of over-caution.

If you do buy edibles, I would recommend eating no more than a quarter dose, and then waiting a full 2 hours, before eating any more. So if it’s an Insa chocolate bar, a single dose is a triangle of the bar, and I recommend you break that down into quarters.

If you get the Insa fruit chews (and chili dogs!) each fruit chew is individually wrapped and represents one dose. You would want to use a sharp knife in the kitchen, and slice the fruit chew into 4 pieces. When you eat one of the 1/4ths, please wait a full 2 hours, and see how it feels, before you eat another.

That will give you control over the dosing. With the ongoing (and inevitably painful) recovery sapping your resilience, I believe you will find the edible helps bring back your equilibrium. Instead of feeling super high, it will merely lift you back up from the low-lows, and help to aid your appetite.”

Thank you Insa for operating your awesome dispensary in a formerly-abandoned industrial space, surrounded by the serene nature of Western Massachusetts. Thank you for the top notch recommendations from, and warm hospitality of, your team. Thank you Insa for doing what you do, cultivating this amazing plant, and making it available in a fantastic selection of flower, edible and other forms, for the betterment of we, the people, who benefit from its power to heal.

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