“In the Fishbowl” — October 23, 2021

ULC Logbook, Saturday, October 23rd, 2021:

Saturday lunch: We had 48 covers; 21 guests between 11:30AM and 1PM, and a bonafide lunch rush of 27 guests between 1PM and 2PM (when I arrived at 3PM the dining room was mostly full). It was later determined that this was due to the Shubert Theater’s first weekend of shows in approx. 18 months. The rush arrived after the matinee performance of Anastasia had ended.

Lunch BA’s: Susan E. (party of 3, tbl. 3); Nicholas N. (party of 2, tbl. 6); Barry C. (party of 2, tbl. 14).

Saturday dinner: We started with approx. 184 covers, balanced most same-day cancellations with walk-in parties, and finished with 181 covers.

Dinner BA’s: Robert L. (party of 2, tbl. 14); Alexander C. (party of 4, tbl. 26); Dr. Martin W. (party of 2, tbl. 6); Susan B. (party of 2, tbl. 29); Martin J. (party of 3, tbl. 21); and Toni D. (party of 5, tbl. 76).

The L.’s have season tickets to all the shows at the Shubert Theater: they commented how happy they are to be back with us for dinner before going to a show.

Multiple parties from second floor tables reported having fantastic overall experiences: bravo to S., A. and O.!

Toni D., and party of 5, reported having a wonderful time with A. as their server. Ms. D. expressed her hope that we could keep the patio open as long as possible for guests with immune compromise.

One of our reservations for 2 guests, who arrived early for a cocktail before dinner at the bar, ended up staying at the bar for their entire experience, due to R. B. and N.’s excellent service. Bravo to the bar!

In my estimation, N. did a very good job serving 10 guests “in the fishbowl” — I also really wanted to use the expression, “in the fishbowl.”

With the exception of a passing shower at approx. 6PM which seemed to appear and disappear in about a minute, the weather cooperated through service, until the very end: just after 10PM we moved the BA Toni D. party of 5 inside to table 1 due to the precipitation steadily picking up.

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