The Grand Architecture of the Hotel San Juan — October 28, 2021

ULC Logbook, Thursday, October 28th, 2021:

We started with approx. 57 covers, and were joined by 4 walk-in parties (a solo diner, a party of 2, a family of 3, and BA Jim C. party of 3) as well as several same-day reservations. We finished with 76 covers.

BA Mr. B. ordered takeout this evening.

We were joined by MANY BA’s (apologies if I accidentally do not include anyone: some of the BA’s were guests of other BA’s) including: James C. (party of 3, tbl. 37); Pericles L. (party of 1, tbl. 27); John M. (party of 2, tbl. 20); Andy M. (party of 3, tbl. 21); Scott Z. / Bob F. (party of 4, tbl. 15, tasting for upcoming wine dinner); Tatiana B. (party of 2, tbl. 3).

One of the guests celebrating Myrella L. S.’s birthday (party of 4, tbl. 12) was a teacher from New Haven. We talked after their dinner while they collected their coats, and the guest said that she had been having a long week at work (she is a high school teacher, here in New Haven), and fatigue almost had her choosing a night on the couch, rather than coming out to celebrate her friend’s birthday. The guest said her love for her friend Ms. S. (the birthday gal), AND love for our restaurant compelled her, as she had not been to join us in the past 2 years. This guest said she was so happy she decided to dine with us: the party had a fabulous birthday celebration, and the ULC main dining room always reminds her of the grand architecture of the Hotel San Juan, in Puerto Rico. Bravo to R. I. for his hospitality!

For the Catherine P. reservation (party of 2, tbl. 16, taken care of by S.), both guests live in Miami, and were in New York City on business. They decided to drive up to New Haven especially to take in the beautiful fall foliage, and join us for dinner, on the last night of their trip. Ms. P. loved our desserts, and they wrote S. a “thank you” note on her check. Bravo S.!

Training, both servers had minor “teachable moments,” and both did a good job tonight.

All patio reservations through the weekend were contacted today: on my to-do list for Friday I will finish contacting all future-booked patio reservations, as well as the reservations from the two lunches which will be closed for private parties: Sun., Nov. 14th, and Sat., Nov. 20th.

Weather was crisp yet dry!

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