Open Table Tasting Menu Experiences — November 2, 2021

Hi all,

I just put in place an “experience” for the tasting menu on our Open Table profile (see the screenshot below), please while monitoring the reservations let me know if you notice any of those. We will use this experience as a trial and see if get any additional interest or if it is helping through the reservation process.



Absolutely R,: IMO this sounds awesome and interesting! I will put it in the report.

I have attached a screenshot below with a recommended change to add the pickup date to the front of the item description for the Thanksgiving family meal, so that it makes it absolutely clear this item is not available for pickup until November 24th. 

When the guest tried to order it for pickup today, it made me think maybe we should try offering family meals for pickup regularly. The guest wanted to buy a $300 family meal on a random Thursday night: maybe offering family meals for pickup would make it easier for the guest, and easier / higher sales for us.

When guests call requesting the patio, and are otherwise unable to join inside for their health, it would be awesome to be able to offer them a family meal for pickup.

That’s all I got!

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