“Come Now, and Let Us Reason Together” — January 18 – 22, 2022

January 6, 2021: The poor man’s patriotism is the rich man’s seditious conspiracy.

“The word ‘demagogue’ comes from the Greek words meaning ‘to lead the mob.'” -George Fitch.

“Modern capital, in an age of super-monopoly and imperialism, tends inevitably towards fascism, the terrorist dictatorship of the capitalist minority…” -Richard O. Boyer.

“When you make it evident that no man shall be excused from violating the law, you make it evident that every man will be protected from violators of the law.” -Theodore Roosevelt.

In my opinion, the defeated former president and the Russian president-apparently-for-life had been in a decades-long partnership that traded money laundering for image laundering.

“Time’s glory is to unmask falsehood and bring truth to light, and wrong the wronger till he render right.”

In the past year, due to the defeated president’s lies, 19 states passed new laws restricting election access: Black Americans were already waiting for hours in line just to vote.

TIL even if the whole world was vaccinated, Covid would continue to circulate and evolve within animal reservoirs — we’re going to have to live with SARS-Covid-2, and hope it becomes milder.

Neil Gorsuch lacks the basic human decency to wear a mask around immune-compromised colleagues.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say, beginning year 3 of what feels like an endless pandemic marked by grim headlines, waves of anxiety, and an ever-present aura of uncertainty, that the Supreme Court at least was not dismantling women’s rights and enabling unlawful vigilantism?

After the bigoted Dred Scott decision which ruled some people were not human beings deserving of Constitutional rights because of their skin color, white men like John Roberts, by the weight of history, should feel compelled to protect the equal rights of Black Americans.

IMO one of the most unto-for overlooked elements of the Beatles’ overall success story, as featured in the studio recording sessions footage from the final episode of, “Get Back,” is how the band’s music was inspired by / in dialogue with / itself a part of Black American music.

“I know I can be wrong. I think what I do is right or I wouldn’t do it. But the other fellow’s viewpoint must be considered, too. I am a great believer in the philosophy of the prophet Isaiah, ‘Come now, and let us reason together.'” -LBJ.

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