Dawnland / Prius Hazards Blinking / Red Sky at Morning, Personalized History Tour Conductors Take Warning — November 27, 2022

Aunt Judy thought that maybe she had gotten another kidney stone. We were all ready to go to the Emergency Room, but the crisis was averted thanks to the intervention of cranberry juice. Currently curled and cigarette=smoking.

Raven thought that maybe the cat had gotten fleas. Raven hauled him in to Cat Hospital, where the vet prescribed flea medicine, an antibiotic, and TLC. Just for kicks, I also prescribed a kicker toy in the shape of a carrot. Currently curled and snore-purring.

Very stressful times, driving around, dropping off urine samples, picking up prescription medicines. The Prius has chosen an opportune moment for malfunction. The hazard lights won’t stop blinking, and the rate of blinking increases with speed.

A psychic medium who dined at the restaurant claimed she had observed the spirit of Mayor Roger Sherman in the upstairs coat room: sitting on a chair, beside the replica of his life-size portrait.

While conducting a personalized history tour with Yale students, I shared another observation from the same psychic medium: “The portal to the spirit world is the mirror in the Sherman Room, and the doorway is open.”

Of course, then the Yale students wanted to see the so-called portal.

In the Sherman Room, I played it cool, positioning my body to block anyone from seeing their reflection, while redirecting everyone’s attention away from the looking glass, and towards the mirror’s intricately hand-carved wooden frame.

I never even mentioned the spirit world.

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