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traumatized arthur mullen kalahari wisconsin dells 3rdarm

3rdarm: seemed like a good idea at the time #kalahari #wisconsindells

pookiemoon: Did everything go ok?

pookiemoon: I’m here now and was at the ohio one in march where they almost killed me. 😦 had to go to the ER but I’m hoping the dells will be a better experience. 🙂

kalahari wisconsin dells 3rdarm indoor waterpark

3rdarm: @pookiemoon I had terrifying experience on the toilet bowl slide and fell from bowl To water on my neck, bruised my arm. It never crossed my mind that it would be dangerous! I should have been smarter :-/

pookiemoon: Oh no @3rdarm that’s terrible. My 9yr flew off the front of my tube yesterday and went face 1st hit her forehead on the bottom but thank God she was ok. That was totally our fault. Yea it was fiod poison in ohio. 😦 my 16yr old too but the rest of the family was fine. This has been a better time. 🙂

-from an exchange with a complete stranger on instagram regarding my first and last visit to an indoor water park

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Bowman’s Oak

bowmans oak bed breakfast wisconsin dells 3rdarm

The first stop was at Bowman’s Oak, a bed and breakfast just outside the hustle and jibe of downtown Wisconsin Dells. The elderly owners of the inn were snowbirding in Florida, and a Southerner and her new husband who had met on eharmony were watching the bed and breakfast for the winter. The woman had never been out of Mississippi. When we told her of our plan to visit an indoor waterpark, she said a Chinese family had recently done the same. The Chinese father had said the water was up to his neck, but who knows how deep that really is, because he was so short. She said a group of Korean college students had recently stayed at the inn for a ski trip. I got the feeling there aren’t many Asian Americans in Mississippi.

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