little goat chicago 3rdarm

The biggest criticism of Little Goat is that the menu is a mish-mosh, as they say in Yiddish. The audio playlist was another symptom of mish-mosh- the songs skipped from nineties hip hop to pops songs from the 2000s to current EDM. I can understand how some people look at Au Cheval down the street with its much smaller menu and curated reel-to-reel mixes and make comparisons.

little goat chicago 3rdarm

Little Goat is new and already doing many things well. The breads tasted so fresh with great texture. My los drowned sandwich was full of the flavor of slowly stewed beef and balanced by the tangy spicy pickles and peppers. The milkshake with salty sweet chocolate taco shards in savory sour cream gelato was genius. The challenge going forward will be tweaking the devil in the details. The future looks bright for Little Goat.

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