Marrow, Tacoma

marrow tacoma wa 3rdarm

I did not have any expectations: this was our first meal outside of Seattle on a circle tour of the Olympic peninsula. Marrow Kitchen + Bar made it really special. Etta loved the craft cocktails, featuring ingredients unknown to us despite our dining pedigree. When I asked for a mocktail the server made an amazing drink with cold brew coffee and mole bitters. Years ago, I was an oyster shucker at a live fire grilling restaurant for a James Beard award winning chef: when I say Marrow served the best grilled oyster I have ever had please do not take it lightly. These shigokus were plump with mellow salinity and retained all their seawater in the fire.

marrow kitchen tacoma wa 3rdarm

The burger was impressively rich and satisfying. I had eaten some homemade caramel corn with a special kind of coconut oil on the ride down and was feeling the effects: my dinner consisted of my first ever bites of gooey duck served with proscuitto, snappy, salty, meaty, and a bizarre and delicious garden where the soil was ground pistachios (or maybe some other kind of nut), there were statues of juicy, height-of-season cubed watermelons topped with sharp goat’s cheese, ringed by delicious local watercress.

mmj seattle 3rdarm

The dessert was amazing too! It was a nontraditional, memorable key lime and orange sherbet pie on sugar cookie crust.

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