sequim washington 3rdarm lavender

We visited the Jardin du Soleil organic lavender farm: it was so beautiful and worth the visit for photos of fields of lavender growing, purple flowers undulating, well recognized as a destination in Sequim, WA. I was so overwhelmed with the sights and scents that I overlooked the treat of lavender ice cream (I did eat a bag of lavender shortbread cookies at the farm) and had to make a second stop at Purple Haze (not THAT kind of purple haze) gift shop in town.

sequim washington 3rdarm lavender

Thank you Purple Haze for keeping really visitor-friendly hours at the downtown store: being open on Sunday afternoon is awesome. I loved the lavender mint ice cream and Etta loved the lemon custard lavender ice cream from Elevated Ice Cream (not THAT kind of elevated).

sequim washington 3rdarm lavender

Thank you too for being patient and not getting angry as an unnamed ice cream lover attuned to the effects of that OTHER purple haze repeated the name of your lavender-loving town over, and over, and over again…. Seqium, (pronounced without e), sqwim, sqwem, sqwuehm.

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