brandys cat sidney 3rdarm

I liked Maude’s just as much as all the other Sodikoff restaurants I have been to and that’s a lot. The service was relaxed yet perfect. The food was rich and also balanced: we had raw steak for an appetizer and cooked steak for dinner. The tartare was generous, well seasoned, well-matched with enough grilled bread, and served with sriracha, that I enjoyed. The shaved vegetable salad was acidic and sweet with in-season apples and pungent with blue cheese. For an entree we split the 24 ounce boneless ribeye cooked to a perfect medium rare.

brandys sucker fish chicago 3rdarm

I don’t want to write too much about it or I will crave another one. We got glazed carrots (yellow and orange) and mashed potatoes with a dark brown intense meat-blast gravy. It was awesome. We took most everything home, one way or another, but needed to fill the sweet cavity in our stomachs. The creme brulee was the best I have ever had: the vanilla custard layer thin so the ratio of caramelized sugar crunch was high.

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