Mazamorrita Morada

mazamorrita 3rdarm tanta chicago

Then we were served something unusual: a trio of raw and fried fish on cold whipped potatoes called causitas that came to the table on a boat. I loved it, and the Japanese and Indian influences really shine in the sauces. At this point I asked the server if they have bigger boats for large parties and he said no. I was imagining an Amazonian river taxi for a party of 12. I got another chicha (out of Inka Kola) and Etta got El Chingon (which she mispronounced several times in practice and then again to the server) a cocktail with tequila, mezcal and a sphere of ice containing more of that fiery red chile rocoto.

causitas boat tanta chicago 3rdarm

The last savory course was the trio of street food, but by this point we were getting full. We ate the succulent skewers of chicken, amazingly juicy and smoky, and took home the empanadas and pork belly sliders. Those made for a great midnight snack. I have a separate intestine for sweets, and so we shared a purple corn and quince crumble with vanilla ice cream. It was called mazamorrita morada. There are many things about Peruvian cuisine that I don’t know and one thing I do know: Really delish. Go!

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