Orange Cream Pie

hoosier mama orange cream pie 3rdarm chicago

Here’s the thing, its not like I don’t like Bang Bang. Etta braved the insane crowds the day before TG to pick up my reserved order from Bang Bang, and their pumpkin pie was fresh and rich. I wouldn’t say Hoosier Mama is a million times better than Bang Bang because they are both amazing. Bang Bang is just not my neighborhood pie place, Hoosier Mama is, and the fact that I can walk over on Sunday morning for a slice of pie and a coffee makes it a million times better. I have gotten Hoosier Mama pies so many times, through many seasons, and its always the best pie I have ever had.

All that being said, I ate an entire orange cream pie in the past 24 hours and I loved it more than any pie ever before.

*photo reconstructed post-pie demolition through internet memory-holing

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