Marty’s Place North, Part 2

schaum tort strawberry 3rdarm martys place north

The day after “the indoor waterpark” incident I was still really shook up. I felt like I had been in a war: bruises on my elbow to my wrist, water lodged near my brain, ringing in my ears, fatigue.

steak cocktails martys place north 3rdarm

We drove to the Northwoods and had dinner at one of our favorite Wisconsin supper clubs: Marty’s Place North.

fried lake trout martys place north 3rdarm

Located in Arbor Vitae, Marty’s Place North was slowly filling up at 5PM on a Friday (it felt like midnight to me!) in January.

relish tray martys place north 3rdarm

The horseradish cheese, lake trout, steak with blue cheese butter, and strawberry schaum tort were all better than ever. We even bought a container of cheese and crackers to take home.

martys place north 3rdarm winter 2014

The place was packed by the time we retreated back to the safety of our TV and fireplace at the Black Bear Lodge.

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