Screwneck Wizard

frontera grill screwneck wizard arthur mullen xoco 3rdarm chicago

We have an amazing art collection at work. Recently added to Topolobampo is a huge modern painting of Leda and the Swan, the myth where Zeus takes the form of a swan and seduces Leda and forces her to have sex. Its a very disturbing piece: the canvas is a giant river of red with a crimson comic book-style woman in distress encircled by a snarling black and white swan. I’ve had bad dreams.

Another big part of the art collection is paper mache. In particular, on the shelves above the cubes near my office, are a paper mache devil and wizard. When we had a week off at the start of the year, the office was remodeled. I asked our human resources manager if it would be possible to relocate the wizard with the screwneck: the devil was OK.

The screwneck wizard is a wildcard.

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