Jared and Jedi

arthur mullen selfie etta kostick jedi dog baltimore stray 3rdarm

Yes I am anti-social (in real life, no on the internet), but I have never so looked forward to a dinner party. Katy has earned the reputation as one of the best cooks in the restaurant, and she always goes out of her way to feed me little bites of what she’s made.

homemade pasta 3rdarm

For appetizers, Katy and Christina made grilled artichokes with communal melted butter, pea puree and fancy cured pork (name?) and grilled oysters with green garlic. I got to help shucking the oysters: that’s when I first saw the meringata.

frontera grill dinner party 3rdarm

For dinner they did homemade pasta with squid ink and spring greens. It was so good. Jen Fite (the best) sat at the end of the table and held the court of opinion.

frozen chocolate-chip meringata

The dessert was the best, and I had never heard of it before: frozen chocolate-chip meringata. Here is the recipe from Food and Wine. I have no idea how the frozen whipped cream part works, it’s amazing.

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