CT Style Lobster Roll

connecticut style lobster roll lobster landing clinton 3rdarm

It has become our custom: a lobster roll on the Connecticut shore. Growing up, I did not eat lobster rolls, because of two reasons. I was afraid of them (lobsters, lobster rolls, the ocean, etc). Also, Aunty will not share her precious lobster roll with anyone, period. She did share the story of my first word. When I was a toddler, my parents were worried I was unintelligent because I only spoke one word: “Duh.”

judy blasko etta kostick lincoln connecticut shore

I would point at anything- the car, a tree, the dog, an apple- and say, “Duh.” Worryingly, this continued for over a year, despite many attempts at education from my loving family. One day, after being fed a bite from my mother, I busted out with a complete sentence, “That was delicious, please give me some more.”

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